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Data Migration - Data is moved from one place to another, from one format to another, or from one application to another. In general, this occurs when a new System is introduced or a New Data Location is chosen. An application migration or consolidation usually drives the business case because legacy systems will often be replaced or enhanced by new applications that share data. These days, data migrations are often started as firms move from on-premises infrastructure and applications to cloud-based storage and applications to Optimize or transform the Company.

Moving Sensitive Data and Decommissioning Legacy Systems can put stakeholders on edge. Content strategy is essential, but it doesn't have to be created from scratch. We have got you Numerous Sample Data Migration Plans and Checklists Specially Customized for you and your Business Needs.

Why Data Migration is Important and How we can Help:

Data migration is important for various reasons:

  • Agility:
  • We have the ability to transfer data among different platforms and applications as our technology needs an upgrade, and we upgrade to the best possible platform or application for the organization, we can take our data along with us. With data migration, your business is agile and avoids getting locked into specific vendors and platforms.

  • Reduced costs:
  • Older technologies cost a lot to maintain. Moving data to the cloud, for example, can help you save money on both hardware and labor. But you need to be able to get your data there. With Inwoin Technologies by your side, Assisted data migration can help data to move to cloud storage, which can cut data storage costs.

  • Greater collaboration:
  • Breaking down your data vault makes it possible for departments to work better together, and to gain visibility into what's happening across the business. We build tools, solutions, and RPAs which make collaboration much easier for the Organisation.

What we Follow to Process Migrations:

  • Extract data
  • Transform data
  • Load data

We are a community of Data Migration Specialists, We have a comprehensive catalog that Outlines a 7-Phase Process:

  • Premigration Planning: Evaluating the data being moved for stability
  • Project Initiation: Identifying and briefing key stakeholders
  • Landscape Analysis: Establishing a robust data quality rules management process and brief the business on the goals of the project, including shutting down legacy systems.
  • Solution Design: Determining what data to move, and the quality of that data before and after the move.
  • Build and Test: Code the migration logic and test the migration with a mirror of the production environment.
  • Execute & validate: Demonstrating that the migration has complied with requirements and that the data moved is viable for business use.
  • Decommission & Monitor: Shutting down and disposing of old systems.

Benefits of Inwoin's Assisted Data Migration


Without a single source of truth, data is siloed and divisions are operating based on short information. Transferring the data to centralized cloud data storage allows the analysts and the managers to make data-driven decisions based on the data from the business as a complete, rather than from a single system or a departmental data vault.

Assisted Data Migration process allows us to clean, transform and deduplicate data as it is migrating, resulting in higher quality data. When data from our processed sources, systems can be consolidated in a single place, and we can create a larger view of our customers and businesses.

Data migration helps to get all of the collected data into a single storage system like a cloud data warehouse, data lake, or lakehouse. By having access to all the data analysts and other employees need in one system, they can make better decisions right away, and the company will be able to grow faster.

Data migrations can be done at any time, If an merger or acquisition just happened or organisation is adopting new technology or the current system is becoming to costly, We can help migrate the whole data for better growth and insights. In this case, the data migration will also serve as a data integration project, as you incorporate the data from multiple organizations or organisational units and departments. Data migration projects will also help you boost performance after transferring data, migrating applications, or moving to the cloud. Any time you introduce a new platform or application into the organization, Data migration data can help saving time and cost training staff for using it.

Data migration is an opportunity to examine and improve your data governance practices. As you migrate data, identify and resolve issues with the source data. We Looks at the people, processes, and technology involved with your data. Inwoin have an approximate 100% success record of successfully migrating data to new platforms. Losing data is a huge setback and a hassle for any organization. But with Inwoin, You are always safe, as our seasoned experts are expertise in saving every byte of data.

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