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Contact centers are rapidly gaining more importance as more and more customers are expecting businesses to be available on a multitude of platforms, not just over the phone. They use an omnichannel approach to improve customer service, reliability, and insights into customer behaviour and needs to provide better customer experiences.

A Contact Center is a central place where companies manage all Consumer Interactions across Multiple Channels.Their main goal is to provide efficient and effective technical support, customer care, and sales assistance to customers.

It, like any other system, has drawbacks. Sometimes calls go missing for a variety of reasons, and businesses are unable to readily identify what went wrong, which involves a significant amount of time and human labour.

Here at Inwoin, We develop a solution for you that will automate the procedure. Every single failed/missing call will be tracked and provided to you in a well-organized format.

What are the Advantages of a well managed Contact Center?

Contact centers offer a number of advantages compared to call centers.

It assist you in Saving a lot of Time and Expenses.

Customers may self-serve and solve problems via two-way, keyword-driven instant messaging, text messaging, or dialogue with a chatbot in contact centers. Self-service reduces the amount of time agents spend on the phone, resulting in shorter wait times for clients and lower expenses overall.

Better information for Customers.

Customer profile may be improved through contact centers. Customers provide information about their own preferences and behaviour when they connect with call or contact centers, which employees may gather and utilize to Improve the Customer Experience in future interactions. Our CRM software may also be integrated with existing call centers applications to collect more client data and analyse it more effectively.

Improve the Customer Experience.

While call center operators can collect data during their calls, contact centers' digital channels make the process easier and more efficient. Customer data is collected from all channels and compiled into a single customer profile by contact center software. The contact center collects more data since most consumers communicate through several channels. With more data, the contact center can personalize customer service to the needs of unique callers and better route calls and other interactions.

Use of interactive voice response systems can also be improved.

IVR is a voice-activated digital assistant that works over the phone using audio prompts and keypad entries. In contact centers, interactive voice response (IVR) makes it harder to reach a live employee and handle problems quickly. Contact centers, on the other hand, design IVR with the customer experience in mind. IVR is designed by contact center managers to predict caller intent and deliver callers to the most appropriate employee. In some cases, IVR can resolve customer issues and questions without the need for live employees.

Contact centers in the future

Contact centers must continue to adapt and expand as technology advances and clients rely on emerging communication methods. The following are some of the current contact center communication trends:

The use of social media sites, such as Twitter, have grown in popularity as consumer communication channels, making it critical for businesses to embrace them. Mobile access is available. Customers want support for mobile-friendly communication services like apps and text messaging.

Videotelephony Customers utilizing video telephony services like FaceTime and Zoom may use video chat to communicate with businesses, allowing for more personal, face-to-face conversations.

The use of advanced analytics In forecasting client behaviour, analytics is becoming increasingly crucial. Speech analytics may also be used to monitor, assess, and train contact center staff.

We build Solutions that can manage any time of communication channel and help you to scale.

Our solution

Every 30 minutes, our RPA(Robotic Process Automation) solution will fetch data from the database, and it is capable of parsing millions-trillions of bytes in a matter of seconds. We'll give you updates through email on a regular basis.


We'll store the data in an Excel file so that anyone can analyse it.

The system will automatically save information about unsuccessful calls such as the call ID, exception code, description, cause, agent ID, agent name, and logger ID.

It will generate graphical representations as well, such as a failed and contacted calls graph. The graph shows the total number of landed recording systems, the total number of successfully recorded calls, the total number of unsuccessful calls, and the Exception Type graph, which shows the exception type ID and the call count.


From the chart we can see that out of 123 calls, 111 was successful and 12 were unsuccessful.


It will also fetch the number of calls made by each employee.

What you are missing if not using an automated system:

  • Longer time is spent on tracking individual failed calls.
  • Communication was more complex and tedious.
  • Managing data was done manually and involved a ton of paperwork.

The advantages of using an automated system are:

  • New tools enable work to be done much faster and easier.
  • Tracking the failed calls easily, no matter where they are in the database, tracking is incredibly fast and convenient.
  • Everything is digital and easier to file, manipulate, or keep track of. Graphical Representation includes infographics are easy to track the reasons for the Failed Calls.
  • Time-efficient & Cost-effective.

Companies today, confronted with the challenges of 100% uptime and smooth continuity, can only successfully ensure that their computer systems are working at their optimal level to fulfil the expectations of the company through automated systems management. Any company's Greatest Asset is its Data. Because critical data is stored electronically and is reliant on the seamless operation of the company's IT infrastructure and computer systems, trustworthy systems management is essential to ensure that it is constantly accessible.

Adopting high degrees of automation (including regular cleaning duties) and putting up early warning systems to be warned of major incidents are other important aspects of effective systems management. This doesn't happen overnight; maintaining your systems to this level is a constant improvement process that requires fine-tuning as business demands change. Some of the Routine, repetitive, and important tasks can easily be overlooked given the amount of pressure today's IT staff faces. Constant monitoring and management of disc space, performance, system messages, system events, and work queues may be readily accomplished through automation, and this is a simple and cost-effective solution to free up staff time.

Systems administrators are under continual pressure to offer high levels of service and dependability since computers and applications are deployed across most enterprises. The problem has become more difficult as our networks have become more sophisticated, with broad interconnectedness and worldwide activities. Too frequently, systems administrators continue to operate in the dark, unable to obtain a comprehensive perspective of the network and computer systems under their control. IT managers and businesses need a solution that can be quickly deployed across the entire organization and that can increase user productivity by ensuring that data, key business applications, and processes are available 100 % of the time and that the risk of unplanned downtime is significantly reduced in order to deliver maximum value.

Connect with us today, and check How we can help you, your data and your employees with our Smart Automated Robots who are always ready to make the data lively for usage and make life easier for you and your employees.

We will provide you with a tailored solution through automation of failed call tracking so that no call will be missed at any time. Our solution will record every aspect of the unsuccessful calls in order to enable timely preventative responses. This will save you a lot of time, resulting in increased productivity and cost-efficiency.

You'll also be able to create customized reports that may be shared, utilizing different graphical representations such as bar graphs and pie charts, and distribute them via email.

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