Our Founders & Directors



Jhalak Agarwal

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Ms. Jhalak - Creator, Marketer, Founder & CEO of Inwoin Technologies Private Limited.

She is Responsible for making all Business-wide Decisions and Managing overall Operations for the Company. She founded Inwoin Technologies in 2020. The Woman is Talented, Fearless, Strategically Oriented, Charismatic, Ethical, Passionate about her Work, and capable of making Confident Decisions. She sets the Future Direction of the Company and is a Good Inventor. Her Firm Belief is that to Accomplish anything, Building a good Team around is the only need. She continues assisting her Team and contributes to getting them On Board, Works with them, and can Discover New Ideas and Solutions through collective Brainstorming.

She thinks Creatively and Welcomes new and Innovative Ideas to keep the Business Relevant and Progressive. She Believes in Listen More, Talks Less, and being Decisive when the Time comes. 

Karan Puri

Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Karan - Tech Creator, Founder & CTO of Inwoin Technologies Private Limited.

He has excellent Expertise in Developing Technologies that can help people around. Along with this, he holds hands-on programming experience.  He is Inwoin's Voice Of Innovation and a True Inspiration. He is a man of Art of Delegation, Strategic Thinker, Good Leader and a Good Communicator. He contributes to Building the MVP and is capable enough to Drive the Technical Team effectively. The most important thing is he understands the Product and Technical aspects of the Product. He can set the Direction for an organisation for years of execution to accomplish the Goal.

Using his Strategic Thinking and Technical Expertise, he reaches towards a Vision in a way that people may not understand at the Outset but will realise in a year or so.

Our Leaders

The Leader is not the One Who Creates Leaders. The Leader is the One Who Can Create The Leaders of Leading Leaders.
We are proud to have ITPL's Leaders with us. They are here to help us at their Best. They are Responsible, Energetic, take Accountability for their actions, and are Good Influencers. They possess a Great Deal of Personal Power that creates a Progressive and Advancing Community.
Ayushi Rastogi
Chief Human Resource Officer
Ayushi Rastogi

Inwoin CHRO, Ms. Ayushi pursued a professional degree in HR.  She is Intelligent, Bright, and Capable of co-creating the Reputation of the Organisation. She is a Good Advisor, Trustworthy, and Willing to push the Team that Drives a Great Outcome.

She is competent in Building the System or the Culture or the Capabilities. Not just the Workforce but the Workplace. Not just the People but the Process.

Umang Agarwal
Chief Digital Marketing Officer
Umang Agarwal

Inwoin CDMO, Mr. Umang works hands-on with Multiple Brands, Creating Digital and Content Strategies. With the advent of the Internet on one side & Data Analytics on the other side, he Introduces the Best Digital Techniques. In addition, he is proficient in Communication and has Quick Decision-Making Capability using informed thinking to determine the Top Results.

His expertise in Social Media Marketing helps many Industries market their Products effectively while providing Strategic Guidance to the Company for Outstanding Results.

Chief Graphic Designer Officer

Inwoin CGDO, Ms. Neha is well-versed in Creating 2D and 3D Designs. Exceptionally Creative and Innovative, she Contributes to Building Inwoin as a Professional Brand. With her Design Thinking, she solved many complex problems by focusing on the Human-centered side of problem-solving.

With the Empathise, Define, Ideate, Prototype, and Test design process, her Designs are Versatile and efficient enough to make a Difference and Stand out in the Crowd.

Vaibhav Rastogi
Chief Financial Officer
Vaibhav Rastogi

Inwoin CFO, Mr. Vaibhav works closely with Inwoin to devise Business Strategies. He analyses the Financial System to Gain Efficiencies. He is an essential Contributor to Budgeting, Cash Flow Financing, Commercial negotiations, and a lot more.

In addition, he is an Expert in presenting Financial Reports and an Excellent Advisor. His Financial Expertise continuously Educates our follow executives on Financial Risks and Builds the Right Competencies.

Teams Of Experts


We accept our Solidarity lies in our Employees' Diversity. Inwoin encourages Outside-the-Box Thinking and Initiatives because when ITPL's opens their Creativity, Talents, and Ideas, it gives us New Possibilities of Solving Problems and Creating Bespoke Solutions. ​

Pukanshu Kumar

UI/UX Designer

Ankita Jain

Content Specialist

Sonia Rai

Django Developer

Gaurav Chauhan

Financial Specialist

Nikhil Soni

DevOps Engineer

Duvutu Lea

Digital Marketing Specialist

Rani Jain

Human Resource

Tanya Shahi

React Developer

Gaurav Mahale

Python Developer

Bhupendra Singh

Digital Marketing Specialist

Vishal Tyagi

Digital Marketing Associate

Manish Rohilla

Career Advising Associate

Together, ITPL’s can Drive Progress through significant DEVELOPMENT and INNOVATION.

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