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About Industrial Training

Industrial Training refers to Work Proficiency that is applicable to Professional Advancement prior or with Graduation. Industrial Training is the organised way of improving and enhancing the knowledge and skill set of Individuals and Professionals. 

The Training boosts the performance of Professionals and provides hands-on LIVE Project Experiences.
The Training strengthens the Skills, Competencies, and grooms the individual for a Satisfactory Career and High Renumeration. The Training is a period of Learning and the overall development of an Individual into a Professional.

It enhances Relevant Skills which are directly relevant to an Individual's Dream Goals.

Why Inwoin Industrial Training

Inwoin Industrial Training to Freshers and Working Professionals provides a comprehensive learning platform for Professionals where they can Master their Skills, earned PPO offers, or extend to Full-Time employment with the organisation.

Inwoin Industrial Training (IIT) will eliminate Individual misconceptions or mindset that they are ready for the Corporate Job just after completing the Academics Knowledge. In Inwoin Industrial Training, you will get a platform where you can learn the required skills of the corporate market that further, increases the Individual Employment Prospects.
  • In Industrial Training, Individuals will be working to LIVE Corporate Projects and learn Corporate Notations.
  • With the Skills, Inwoin Industrial Training Certified the Individuals and provides the Recommendation Letter that opens the entryways of better work prospects.
  • This Training will help Individuals to boost their Confidence, learn Work Ethics, Demands of the industry by enhancing their Capabilities.
  • Access to Industry Engaged Learning Program, which is also sometimes referred to as Work Integrated Learning, Cooperative Education, or Work-Based Learning.
  • In Inwoin Industrial Training, Individuals and Professionals work in a Team and are capable enough to meet the Deadlines together by mastering the Latest Technologies.
  • It provides an opportunity for Individuals to Test their interest in a particular Career before joining any Industry or Organisation.
  • It enhances Relevant Skills which are directly relevant to an Individual's Dream Goals.
  • It will act like the first Job Experience meant to be Professionals.
  • With Technical Expertise, The Training offers other Skills too such as - Practical Knowledge, Professionalism, Soft Skills, Inter-Departmental Communication, Insights into Internal Functioning of an Organisation.

With today’s rapidly changing job market, Individuals must keep on top of new knowledge and Technology. Industrial Training is a Great and Invaluable Experience for Individuals and Professionals.

Industrial Training is NECESSARY to bridge the gap between theoretical and practical knowledge to utilise the concepts that are required in the Corporate World.

Management Skills

Expertise your Management Skills on Marketing, HR & People Management, 21st Century Skills, Finance, Customer Service, Legal, Leadership Building, Sales, Administration, Personality Development & Communication.

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Management Skills

IT Skills

Expertise your IT skills in Software Automation Testing, Python, Digital Marketing, UI/Full Stack Development, Programming Languages, Cloud Tools, Mobile Applications Development, Graphics Tools, Automation & Technology.

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Online courses are an exact Replica of our Industrial Training. Once a Professional completes their Hands-on, we provide them access to the Online Training as well to make sure they can review it anytime.


A Gateway to Corporate World

Professional Growth

Professional Growth is for Professionals or Experienced People who want to do hands-on and improve their Skills in the Industry.  Training and development involve improving the effectiveness of the Individuals and teams within them. Preferably for those who already have Experience > 1 Year.

Duration - 360 Hours (8 to 10 Weeks)

Daily / Weekly Training

4 Case Studies & 15 + Live Project

Corporate Exposure

Corporate Exposure is for Students who are pursuing their Graduation/Post Graduation, Freshers who are looking to start their Career, and people from any Domain who want to hands-on the Specified Skills for the Industry. Preferably for those who are Freshers, or have Experience < 1 Year.

Duration - 180 Hours (4 to 6 Weeks)

Daily Training

2 Case Studies & 10 Live Project

Frequently Asked Questions

At Inwoin Industrial Training (IIT), the only PREREQUISITES required is your PASSION to Learn, Develop & Innovate your Skills as per Market Standards.

Inwoin has a Team of Highly Professional Industrial Experts who have vast Experience from the Top Most Organisations in - Google, TCS, Amazon, Samsung, and more. They have Expertise in Industry-Specific Domains and can become your Voice of Innovation.

The duration of the Inwoin Industrial Training Program depends on the Type of Training mode you are more Interested in:

Regular Training

Weekend Training

Fast Track Training

Online Training

For Training Fees, you can visit our Branch Office at - 1094, Huda Colony, Sector 46, Gurugram, Haryana 122018 or call us at (+91)-8279-537-835.

If you do not get your specific Query listed here, you can mail us at or call us at (+91)-8279-537-835. You can also Visit our PAN INDIA Offices to get your Query resolved.

Inwoin Industrial Training (IIT) Program is Designed & Trained in a way that you can Hands-on your Interest Specific Skills with Overall Personality & Grooming Development in a Few Weeks/Months. 
To avail of Exciting Offers and Discounts on our IIT - Inwoin Industrial Training Program, you can mail us at or call us at (+91)-8279-537-835. You can also Visit our PAN INDIA Offices to get your Query resolved.

Inwoin Industrial Training (IIT) is one of the Innovative, Fastest, Growing Platforms and has undergone a Successful span. This Success reveals a Promising Future Scope of Students/Freshers/Professionals' Careers. At Inwoin, IIT provides a comprehensive learning platform for Professionals where they can Master their Skills, earned PPO offers, or extend to Full-Time employment with Our and Connected Top Organisation.

We Accept all the Payment Methods like Cash, Card (Master, Visa, Maestro, etc), Net Banking, UPI, Paytm, etc.

Before you make a payment, we kindly ask you to review our terms and conditions for the training  -

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